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Industries that we service:
  • Industrial/Manufacturing
  • Public Safety
  • Grow
  • Education / Library
  • Athletic
  • Healthcare
  •  Business
  • Museums
  • Military
  • Legal
  • Government / Municipalities

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File Relocations

Because we are storage and filing experts we understand the importance of moving your company’s records in an efficient, organized, and timely fashion. Let our trained professionals evaluate, plan and execute your file relocation whether it be to a new department or a new building. This will reduce your office’s downtime and eliminate the stress and headache that comes with a project of this magnitude.

Record Conversions

A conversion transfers documents from one medium to another. It’s a process that often includes sorting, validating, filing and relocating records as well as designing and attaching labels. Reduce administrative headaches by outsourcing this time-consuming job to our specialists.

Project Management

From project inception to implementation, The Casper Corporation can manage your project with our team of experienced and talented staff. Our project managers will orchestrate and manage our team of designers, installers, and administrative staff to provide you with a seamless transition throughout all stages of your project.